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Mother Of Murdered Albanian Man: “Didn’t Think This Happened In Iceland”

Published December 11, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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Klevis Sula memorial page

The mother of Klevis Sula, the 20-year-old Albanian man who passed away Friday from injuries sustained after being stabbed at Austurvöllur the previous weekend, told Stöð 2 that her son spoke often about what a safe place Iceland was and how much he liked living there.

“He was wonderful and wanted to help everyone. He spoke highly of Icelanders and liked the people,” his mother Natasha Sula said. “He was very happy being here.”

The attack happened after Klevis approach a man who was crying. presumably with the aim of consolidating him. The man responded by stabbing Klevis and his friend repeatedly. The friend is recovering well.

Didn’t think this happened in Iceland

Natasha flew to Iceland shortly after the attack along with his brother and she said that Klevis had often told her about how safe Iceland was.

“We didnt think this happened here, Klevis had said nothing bad ever happens in Iceland,” she said. “He came here to work and make a better life for himself.”

Following the attack a call for donations was put out to help with funeral expenses and other costs. The fundraiser is now over and his mother claimed it had gone well.

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