From Iceland — Ólafur Arnalds Goes To Space Searching For Aliens

Ólafur Arnalds Goes To Space Searching For Aliens

Published November 17, 2017

Stardate November 17 2017, musician Ólafur Arnalds has just sent his composition “Stratus 1” to the planet GJ273b. The planet lies a mere 12.4 lightyears away and it is thought possible that life can be found there, reports RÚV.

The song is being sent to space as part of the 25 year anniversary celebration of the music festival Sónar in the project Sónar Callin GJ273b. Along with Ólafur’s track, songs by Jean Michel Jarre, Holly Herndon, Modeselektor, Matmos, Autechre and others will be broadcasted to the planet.

“I wanted to project the idea of peace and beauty into space,” Ólafur said. “Those might not be the most pronounced elements of humanity, but it’s something I think is important we spread out. When you think about writing music for another planet it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to talk their language, but I chose to speak my own language.”

GJ273b attacks!

We at the Grapevine aren’t completely sure about this plan, however. Because as Holywood has taught us, we shouldn’t try to contact aliens.

There are a number of scenarios that can play out. They could be wearing octopus exoskeleton suits and the only way to stop them would be to send Jeff Goldblum to upload a virus into their mothership. They could also have big heads with their brains exposed and only obscure ‘50s hits will kill them, or they’ll be very boring like Contact.

Either way it’s too late now. The music will reach the alien planet on November 3 2013, mark the date kids … mark the date.

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