From Iceland — What's New & Who's Who At Airwaves, #8: The Final Part

What’s New & Who’s Who At Airwaves, #8: The Final Part

Published November 2, 2017

OMG we did it! It’s time for part seven of our monolithic guide to 48 local bands playing the festival for the first time in 2017.

Sycamore Tree
With the recent release of ‘Shelter,’ Reykjavík band Sycamore Tree cemented themselves as one of most romantic indie/folk/genre-crossing acts around. The duo combines relaxed ethereal melodies with soft violins—the perfect soundtrack for a glass of wine.

This energetic 21-year-old has had Icelandic teenagers hooked on her languid pop tunes for a while. Her saccharine lyrics are not what dreams are made of, but they’re so catchy you’ll find yourself on the dancefloor before you can say “lit.”

If you stepped inside a marshmallow while you were tripping on mushroom you’d have an idea of what it feels like to touch TSS’s music. If Nonni’s clicking consonants aren’t enough to make you tremble with pleasure, his slightly ‘60s vibe will do the trick.

Tappi Tíkarrass
A punk band that started in the 1980s, featuring, at the time, the talents of one Björk Guðmunsdóttir, Tappi Tíkarass (“Cork The Bitch’s Ass”) reformed last year for a handful of shows. Björk is now absent, but it’s a chance to check out a piece of punk history.

Une Misère
Hardcore band Une Misère unexpectedly snatched up first place at this years Wacken Metal Battle, also taking third place at the finals in Germany. They have an artistic take on the genre, crossing boundaries between black metal, death metal, and everything in between.

Warmland is Arnar Guðjónsson and Hrafn Thoroddsen, who’ve previously been involved with Leaves and Ensími. Together, they present calm, down-tempo guitar music that they describe as “velvet pop” and “honey lounge.” A sticky, tactile album is promised in 2018.

Young Nazareth
Are you dead? Well Sturla Atlas’s Young Nazareth will help you rise from the grave with the biblical beats you’ve been praying for. Known for playing the freshest hip-hop and R’n’B available, he’s a resident DJ at Prikið known for doling out the sacrament of… turnt parties?

Forget Taylor Swift; Ösp blends old-fashioned Icelandic country songs with the striking performance of classical music while still keeping it cool like glacier water. This is what Icelandic nature sounds like in the winter—powerful, melancholic and heart-wrenching in its raw beauty.

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