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Island Life: News From The Icelandic Countryside

Published October 20, 2017

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Remember last issue when we reported that a fish had escaped from a fish farm in the Westfjörds? Well, further investigations were made, and it has come to light that this was likely a one-off, at least for that particular fish farm. It was determined that there was no great escape of fish, and so the fugitive in question must have been an exceptionally crafty one. Not too crafty, though; it was caught, after all.

In more heartwarming news, an Icelander from Akranes, Vera Knútsdóttir, welcomed the press to her home to recount her experiences working for UNICEF in Somalia. She said that while she worked in decidedly dangerous areas, and could have been the target of a terrorist attack, she never personally felt as though she was in any danger. Which is most certainly a net plus.

Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy in Iceland? If so, you may have noticed that it is subtitled by one Ágústa Rúnarsdóttir. She lives in the south Iceland town of Selfoss, and told reporters that she has “a love-hate relationship” with the show. To clarify, she finds some of the events “ridiculous” and “hard to believe,” but at the same time, she has come to “care deeply” for some of the characters. Certainly anyone who has ever watched the show can sympathise.

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