From Iceland — Murder Suspect Puts Newspaper Editor As Facebook Profile Picture

Murder Suspect Puts Newspaper Editor As Facebook Profile Picture

Published July 13, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photo by
Sigtryggur Ari Jóhannsson

Yesterday, Sveinn Gestur Tryggvason, who is currently in custody for being a suspect in last month’s murder of Arnar Jón Aspar, changed his Facebook profile picture to that of DV editor-in-chief Kristjón Kormákur.

Sveinn did so following an article in the newspaper about his social media activity from prison. The suspect had uploaded pictures, proclaimed his innocence in a status update and received and sent well wishes from friends and relatives. A strict ban is on internet use by inmates, but prison authorities have had a hard time cracking down on the use of portable internet devices.

Soon after the story was published Sveinn’s picture was swapped out for one of Kristjón and a status update was posted, which read: “DV with their pants around their ankles once again. Sveinn called and asked me to answer messages and change his profile picture. Regards, Gunni E.”

Brutal murder

The brutal murder of Arnar took place on June 21, while the victim had been at home with his wife and newborn child. Arnar was beaten with iron pipes before being driven over by a large pickup truck. Six suspects were originally arrested in connection to the murder, but four were later released as police believed that Sveinn and senior Hells Angels member Jón Trausti Lúthersson were the main culprits in the case.

Black prison humour

Despite the obvious implications of threats, Kristjón told that he doesn’t view the matter very seriously.

“I don’t want to kick up a fuss, I see this really just as black prison humour,” Kristjón said. “People around me find it discomforting, but I mainly find it funny. Maybe other people will view it differently.”

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