From Iceland — Greenlandic Viking Beer Sets Sail For Iceland

Greenlandic Viking Beer Sets Sail For Iceland

Published June 9, 2017

Once upon a time, 982 AD to be precise, there was an Icelandic viking, who crossed oceans on a raggedy wooden longship, as vikings so casually did, and discovered the world’s largest island. He named it Greenland, and now Greenland finally returns the favour by naming a beer after him, Eric the Red (Eirikr rauði Þorvaldsson). Better late than never, right?

The Greenlandic brewery Godthaab Bryghus, which for 10 years has used a variety of brewing techniques and local raw materials, is hoping to strengthen the already strong bond between the north Atlantic neighbours even further.

And what better way to create alliances than through the exchange of alcohol?  It’s basically like a ‘trúnó’ (literally an Icelandic term for bonding while incredibly drunk) between nations. As the incredibly non-legit spokespeople of Iceland, the Grapevine wants to thank the good people of Greenland.

Eric the Red with friends

Last year, Godthaab Bryghus started their first export project in Denmark, which turned out be a success (hardly shocking, beer is the official religion of Denmark) and now it’s our turn. The viking inspired beer Eric the Red is an amber coloured ale with a nice balance and although it might be hard on the outside, it’s sweet as honey on the inside.

But wait! There’s more! Eric is sailing with a retinue of friends. In his entourage is the Greenlandic classic called Greenland Bâja, and a pilsner that goes under the name Umimak Bâja. Sounds like a cool gang, which we will be able to find in stock in Vínbúðin this month.

Skúli Ingimundarson, owner of the Icelandic import company Elgur Ehf, is excited to introduce to Iceland what he refers to as Greenland’s hidden treasure.

But it’s a sunny Friday and all these alcoholic related news lately have left us feeling slightly uhh… dehydrated, so we can’t really be bothered with a witty ending to this article. Beer with us (pun intended).

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