From Iceland — Björk Premiers New Moonless Music Video

Björk Premiers New Moonless Music Video

Published June 9, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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I stopped trying to make sense of Björk a long time ago. She confuses me, and when I’m confused I end up putting dishwasher soap in my coffee and get stressed about not taking my non-existing dog for a walk. But it cannot be denied that she is cool and creative, both of which are front and centre in her new music video for the song “notget”.

In the video Björk stands in front of a wall made up of floating black goo, which reminds one of “The Abyss”, a movie about the career of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

The whole thing feels claustrophobic and uncomfortable, dare I cliche? Haunting.

Björk is dressed in all black, possibly to mourn how badly the Ben Hur remake bombed at the box office, or that nobody listens to Limp Bizkit anymore. It’s hard to say. She is also wearing a mask, which apparently is a thing for her these days. Midway through the video the mask morphs into an ameba like creature that dances around her face.

Björk’s, Technology Twitch

Notget is the sixth track off her ninth studio album ‘Vulnicura,’ and was directed by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton. She has been busy making strange and inventive multimedia works lately, including the NotGet VR audiovisual experience, the VR film Family, and the VR music video for “Stonemilker.”

Björk has always been so good at utilising new and exciting technology in her work that we are genuinely surprised she hasn’t started a Twitch account where she plays Call of Duty with twelve-year-olds. I know we do. You can check us out every Sunday at 4am CST at when we take on the role of Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy RPG The Witcher 3.

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