From Iceland — Prins Póló Band Together With Autistic Visual Artist

Prins Póló Band Together With Autistic Visual Artist

Published May 30, 2017

Photo by
Baldur Kristjánsson

Let’s talk Prins Póló. And then we’re not talking about the Polish chocolate bar generations of Icelanders have eaten daily (OK, maybe a slight hyperbole) – but it’s for sure just as appetising. We are of course talking about the admired synonymous band, which just released their new video for the song “Ölkærastan” (beer girlfriend), made in collaboration with established autistic artist Ísak Óli.

As the lyrics about a beer girlfriend are quite remarkable in itself, so is the music video. The artist Ísak Óli has come to prominence in recent years for his paintings that often feature Tintin as motif.

The Windows aesthetic

Ísak is one of the first graduates from a two-year diploma programme for students with intellectual disabilities at The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. Ísak has autism (aka super powers!), and his work lies close to the hearts of the members of Prins Póló, who have worked with him before and have his works hanging on the walls of their homes.

The video takes you through a rapid explosion of colourful illustrations mixed with still pictures and footage, and gives a valuable insight into a true creatives head and vision. It’s weirdly satisfying to watch and brings you back to the days when Microsoft’s Paint was more important than Photoshop.

Meaningful collaboration

The video is Ísak’s final admission project, and lead singer Svavar is full of praise for the talented artist.

“Ísak is an unique artist and character and his collaboration with Margrét and Lee, who directed the video with him was beautiful”, he says. “We have worked with Margrét before on the List án Landamæra festival. That was a great honour for us and an unforgettable experience.”

Margrét M. Nordahl, who’s the head of Ísak’s department, highlights the benefits of the programme which gives students an opportunity to find their own personal way of independent creating. 

“The program is focused on productive work procedures and an array of possibilities in technology, materials and methods. As well as strengthening, students receive increased public awareness of the visual arts, art history and contemporary art.”

Safe to say Prins Póló sets a good example with an authentic collaboration that hopefully fellow colleagues in the music industry will follow.

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