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Don’t Ask Nanna: How To Hitchhike In Iceland

Published April 28, 2017

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Hi Nanna, 

I’m thinking of skipping the extortionate car rentals on my trip to Iceland this summer – could you tell me how to say “Can I get a lift” in Icelandic? 

Thank you!


Sure thing Hitchhiker!

Good luck Hitchhiker,




Hi Nanna, 

Could you tell me the best spot in Reykjavík to see some Northern lights in June? 

Love the column, thank you! please don’t be too snarky hahaha. 


Hey Aurora!

Don’t worry, I got you girl!

For the best Northern Lights in Iceland in June, it’s best to get out some of the more isolated spots of the city to avoid light pollution which overpowers the faint Northern Lights.

Try checking out Grótta lighthouse which is a majestic and isolated spot to check out the midsummer aurora with stunning sea views. And if that doesn’t work try checking out Reynisvatn, a small lake near Grafarholt, also isolated, also usually free of people and chockfull of an aurora sky display.



Hæ sæta Nanna,

Could you please give me recipe plokkfiskur?
Well i can find it from internet but i would like your recipe.


Dear Smokkfiskur,

I’m a vegetarian.


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