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Class Pets Receive Flaming Viking Burial

Published March 3, 2017

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Papdale School

Freddy and Bubbles, two goldfish who served bravely as primary school class pets received a flaming Viking burial earlier this week following their untimely demise, reports the BBC.

Their journey to Valhalla was made in a miniature Norse longship and witnessed by the children of Papdale School.

papdale school goldfish burial 2

Freddy and Bubbles first became class pets before Christmas and though their time on earth was short, it was glorious.

The children – who had been studying the Vikings – wrote down and read out their memories of Freddy and Bubbles before the boat set sail.

The tradition for Viking ship burials are known both from archaeology and from historical accounts such as the Icelandic sagas and Old Norse poetry. The longship burial even features in Norse mythology. For example, the god Baldur was set in a longship after Loki masterminded his murder.

RIP, Freddy and Bubbles.

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