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Hundreds Of People Injured Post-Snowpocalypse

Published March 2, 2017

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson

In the past few days Icelandic Ambulance Services have had to transfer over a hundred injured people to hospitals in the capital area daily, reports RÚV.

Most of the calls are a result of pedestrians slipping and falling on the considerable ice plaguing the city pavements (the parts of the pavement that are cleared of snow, at any rate).

Additionally, emergency services have had to respond to a number of accidents where drivers have lost control of their cars in traffic, due to the extremely icy conditions.

A sergeant with the capital city’s Fire Department told RÚV that the danger lay not only under people’s feet but above them in the form of icicles.

To help you stay alive, The Reykjavík Grapevine recommends you revisit this handy guide on surviving the snowpocalypse, please read thoroughly.

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