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Iceland Jumps On “America First [X] Second” Bandwagon

Published February 10, 2017

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Never to be outdone by other countries, Iceland has also taken part in the recent craze of “America First [X] Second” videos currently sweeping Europe and beyond.

These videos more often than not serve a dual purpose: making fun of Donald Trump’s speaking style and policies, as well as taking a satirical look at how one’s own country’s policies are not so far removed from Trump’s own.

In this video, made by Nútíminn, the narrator points out that former Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was also a fan of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin; that, like the current seven-country “Muslim ban” in the US, Iceland once detained Falun Gong protesters in anticipation of a visit from the Chinese premier; and that we also “hate the environment”, having flooded the Highlands to build a hydroelectric dam for an aluminium smelter.

All this and more can be seen in the video below, courtesy of Nútíminn:

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