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Geminis Comprise Largest Share Of Icelanders

Published December 30, 2016

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European Southern Observatory

If you ever wanted to know what the most and least common astrological signs in Iceland are, and how they compare to the US and Europe, Statistics Iceland has compiled the data for you.

According to their findings, Geminis are the most common astrological sign in Iceland, comprising about 9% of the population. Capricorns are the least common, at 7.4%.

This trend stayed more or less the same across regions. However, Iceland appears to deviate from the norm where other regions of the world are concerned.

For example, in the United States, Scorpios are the most common astrological sign, comprising 9.6% of the population, while Geminis were in third place, at 9.3%. Capricorns faired slightly better in the US, having 8.2% of the population, while Aquarius were the least common, at 6.3%.

In Europe, births in July were the most common, and this month is mostly presided over by Cancer, whereas births in June – which mostly belongs to Gemini – were much farther down the list. The fewest number of births were in February, which is mostly presided over by Aquarius.

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