From Iceland — Icelandic Town Plagued By Rogue Horseback Riders

Icelandic Town Plagued By Rogue Horseback Riders

Published September 14, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Sarah Pepin

A small Icelandic town has been dealing with a distinctly Icelandic problem: too many people are riding on horseback in areas where they are forbidden to do so.

The town of Grindavík has felt compelled to issue an announcement on the subject of horseback riding, as numerous townspeople have complained of the preponderance of horse manure on sidewalks and bike paths.

Town authorities point out that, according to local regulations, horseback riding is banned within town limits except on specially marked horseback riding paths, unless a permit is issued allowing one to ride their horse elsewhere.

The town adds that police will be alerted about anyone caught riding their horses within town limits.

Iceland has no lack of places where you can ride horses that won’t run you afoul of the law. These tours are available almost year round in numerous parts of the country.

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