From Iceland — Björk Digital Exhibit Launched With Virtual Reality Press Conference

Björk Digital Exhibit Launched With Virtual Reality Press Conference

Published August 31, 2016

Photo by
Santiago Felipe

Björk today launched the ‘Bjork: Digital’ virtual exhibition in London with a virtual reality press conference. The singer, from Iceland’s School of Technology in Reykjavík, appeared as a virtual avatar to journalists in London.

Björk also offered an introduction to the exhibition, which will feature four virtual reality videos taken from ‘Vulnicura’, and assorted other works and objects, on Facebook.

i am gratefully announcing the opening of björk : digital london .

here are some photos from the press conference where i appeared via live stream motion capture avatar from iceland ( thousand miles away ! )

we have 4 VR videos ready and will be adding one in each city we go to , hopefully completing the album this year choosing various warehouses and galleries that exhibit work from all disciplines . i am very happy w being the pop musician i am and feel VR is a natural continuity of the pop video .

technology is enabling women to work outside the already formed hierarchical systems . the laptop arriving 1999 gave me a personal studio to make vespertine , the touchscreen 2006 helped me map my own idiosyncratic musicology outside the classical canon and reconnect it w nature and make biophilia , VR is helping making a new stage free of politics where sound and vision is swirling free in 360 fully liberated . i found vulnicura a helpful material to work in VR because of its old fashioned heartbreak saga , the narration in it is the most stubborn of my albums so i felt it could take on the experimentation of where VR is now . benefitted from 2016-ing it . and because of vulnicuras one singular selfpitying voice to work with many directors gave it more point of views .

i appreciate that your curiousity is still there after all these years

dont take it for granted

and thank my couragous team



She also fielded questions from journalists, some of whom reported live via Twitter.

Björk Digital runs from September 1st-October 24th.

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