From Iceland — Icelanders Overwhelmingly Love Their Smartphones

Icelanders Overwhelmingly Love Their Smartphones

Published July 25, 2016

Photo by
Paul Fontaine

Neither gender, income level nor age put much of a dent in how many Icelanders own and use smartphones, a new poll finds.

According to the results of a new poll from Market and Media Research, 87% of Icelanders own and use smartphones, exceeding even American use of the devices, proportionately speaking.

In terms of demographics, even proportions of men and women said they have smartphones. While their use was almost total amongst those aged 18 to 49, even the majority of those over 68 owned them, or 58% in all.

Smartphone use increased slightly with income level, and the majority of people in every profession – including the unemployed – all owned them, with students reporting 100% use. Even the least likely professions for smartphone use – farmers and seamen – still showed a majority of them use smartphones, at about 57%.

The ubiquitous of smartphones in Iceland may partially explain the tremendous popularity of Pokémon Go, amongst other factors.

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