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102 Year Old Woman Shrugs At Death, Ready Whenever

Published June 8, 2016

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Vísir Video Still

Guðný Baldvinsdóttir is 102 years old and says she’s never done a damn thing to reach this impressive age.

“I never drank cod liver oil, never worked out, never went to the swimming pool,” said Guðný curtly in a television interview with Vísir.

Gúðný, who lives in Borganes and likes to knit and read also said she didn’t understand why anyone cared that she’s old.

“I don’t think it’s remarkable that [I’m 102] and I think it’s outrageous that [centenarians] don’t get any peace. That you have to go on the radio or be in the papers or do interviews once you reach a certain age and all that peace and quiet you had is gone. I’m not a particularly remarkable person, turning a hundred years old didn’t add anything to my life, not that I’m aware of anyway.”

Guðný, who claims she has never had to take a pill for her health, is not fond of all the attention heaped on her, “I’ve never been an attention seeker and hope I never become one.”

As for how old she plans to become Gúðný shrugs, “I’m ready to die, even if it’s tomorrow.”

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