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Opposition Trusts The Government On Autumn Elections

Published April 12, 2016

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Art Bicnick

Members of the opposition say they trust that the ruling coalition will stand by their word to hold elections this autumn, although protesters have been calling for immediate dissolution and earlier elections.

RÚV reports that opposition leadership met with Prime Minister Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson today to discuss the subject of early elections, amongst other things. Up until now, the ruling coalition has stated that they will hold elections this autumn, without offering a definite date. The opposition, by contrast, has pushed for immediate dissolution of parliament and earlier elections.

That may have changed today, as opposition leadership came out of their meeting with the Prime Minister, all expressing general trust in the government’s word to hold elections in the autumn. While welcoming the Prime Minister’s willingness to work with the opposition, they all expressed some degree of caution in waiting to see what the government will have to offer.

Sources close to RÚV say that elections are likely to occur in September, but will happen no later than October 27.

Protesters outside of parliament have predominantly expressed the desire that parliament dissolve at once and elections happen much earlier. An opposition measure to dissolve parliament was defeated last week.

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