From Iceland — Icelandic Viewers Of "Trapped" Advised Not To Spoil Finale

Icelandic Viewers Of “Trapped” Advised Not To Spoil Finale

Published February 22, 2016

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Icelanders have been asked to employ a separate hashtag for discussing the hit Icelandic TV series, so as to avoid spoiling the ending for foreign viewers.

Trapped – or Ófærð, as it is called in Iceland – has been receiving positive reviews in the UK, where it is also airing. However, British viewers are following the series several episodes behind Icelanders.

As the finale aired in Iceland last night, and episode five of the 10-part series is scheduled to air on BBC this Saturday, the showrunners have asked Icelanders to show courtesy for the series’ foreign viewers.

“Please don’t tweet what you learned tonight under the hashtag #Trapped,” Sigurjón Kjartansson, one of the main screenwriters of the series, advised. “Don’t spoil it for the rest of the world. Thanks.”

Rvk Studios, who produce the series, asked the same of Ófærð fans on Facebook. Be warned that we have not embedded this Facebook post as it contains a spoiler – click through at your own risk.

“Tonight we Icelanders will be the first in the world to learn the secrets of the deaths of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] in Trapped,” they write. “We want to ask you to tweet carefully about events under the hashtag #Trapped – whether in English or Icelandic (it is actually possible to translate it). This ruins the enjoyment for the rest of the world who still have to finish watching the series. Thank you for your cooperation.”

In the general sense, Icelanders are asked to use the hashtag #Ófærð instead of #Trapped when tweeting about the show. Google Translate’s abilities aside, Icelanders are also advised to tweet in Icelandic about the show, to add an extra layer of obfuscation.

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