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Imported Ice Cubes Now For Sale In Iceland

Published February 22, 2016

Photos by
Kristleifur Þórsteinsson

Those who find domestic frozen water to be subpar can now breathe a little easier.

The above photo, taken in high-end grocery store Hagkaup, shows imported ice cubes being sold from 299 ISK to 599 ISK. These products range from standard bags of crushed ice to more specialised ice blocks. Also note these products come with expiration dates.

All these products originate from the same company, Mr. Iceman, whose main selling point is that their ice is made from Norwegian water. The 599 ISK “Ice Blocks”, which come in packs of four, are billed as being ideal for “when regular ice cubes just won’t do”. They are touted as “considered Ultra Premium Ice. Slow freezing enables us to freeze the ICEBLOCK without oxygen, thereby creating the hardest ice in the world.”

As reported, Iceland actually ranks second in the world (behind Finland) in the Environmental Performance Index, receiving a perfect score of 100 in terms of water quality itself. Norway, while also earning a perfect score in drinking water quality, ranks 17th on the Index.

Regardless of water quality, if the density and oxygen levels of your ice matters to you, you now have a place to go that will meet your exacting standards.

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