From Iceland — #GVpics - This Weeks Winner Of The Instagram Contest

#GVpics – This Weeks Winner Of The Instagram Contest

Published February 2, 2016

Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir
Photo by

We were so excited going through all of the beautiful, weird and amazing pictures posted under the hashtag #GVpics this week. Instagram really has proven that you don’t need a fancy camera to make good art, just a high-megapixel smartphone camera, and a good idea.

Although there can only be one winner of the weekly #GVpics Instagram competition, we get so many submissions that it would be irresponsible not to nominate a few runner-ups. The winner this week will receive a Grapevine T-shirt and goodie bag, so congratulations Kimberly!

This Week’s Runners-Up:

#jokulsarlon #iceland #ice #frozen #beach#gvpics A photo posted by @jeanleighk on

This looks like the Icelandic version of the trolls from Frozen.

❄️??☃❣ A photo posted by Kaelene (@unlockingkiki) on

TFW you’re 10 minutes late to work and it’s been snowing and your bike looks like this.

Sometimes you gotta take it all in. @alina_one_step_closer looking out over five glaciers in the clouds while dangling above a 100m drop. #everydayiceland #mystopover A photo posted by JackyGoede (@jackygoede) on

Things white people do. 

And that’s why you don’t have a white or grey house up north. #colourpop #yellow #101rvk #reykjavik #iceland #littlehouses #standout #reykjavikloves #gvpics #corrugated #oldarchitecture #snowy A photo posted by Jessica Bowe (@jrbowe) on

Hm, it’s purdy. Life is probably more fun in a yellow house.

Welcome to your dystopian future. Take a seat. #reykjavik #iceland #gvpics #abandonedcouch #sofa #sadfurniture #alleyway #bleakwinter #theprojects #sombresociety A photo posted by Jessica Bowe (@jrbowe) on

We hadn’t noticed those lying around in Reykjavík, good eye Jessica Bowe! We wouldn’t trust that the sofas are clean, though.


Glacial rivers come with so much force and out-of-this-world shade of blue. It is hauntingly beautiful and draws you in instantly… If only it was a few degrees warmer :)#Iceland #hraunfossar #barnafoss #moderntrail #gvpics #PPEssentials @passionpassport @timberland #contest #timberland A photo posted by ICELANDIC EXPLORER (@icelandic_explorer) on

What are those? Wow! That’s seriously a great shot!

Please, tell us how you really feel. ❄️☀️? #icelandicwinter #icelandichorses #gvpics A photo posted by Charla Basran (@cjbasran) on

The Icelandic horsies get to do so much modelling work that they’ve mastered their best look: neighing!

happy hump day friends 〰here’s a picture of my favourite kind of hump to celebrate A photo posted by @deannadougan on

This is simply beautiful.

Water Falls in Iceland #GVpics A photo posted by What We See (@rishays11) on

A waterfall, rainbow, that dress and that pose? Of course this one made it to our top ten!

Hot spring saturdaze

A photo posted by I C E L A N D (@tucktulipties) on

And then finally: the winner!
It must’ve been freezing, but it sure made for a stunning photograph.

For a chance to become a winner of the contest, #GVpics, keep tagging your photos and we will continue to pick what we find to be the créme de la créme of Iceland on Instagram!

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