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Iceland Has A Low Rate of C-Sections

Published January 18, 2016

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Across the developing world the rate of c-sections is on the rise, reports the OECD. In Iceland however, the rate remains very low.

In the OECD countries, the c-section rate overall stands at around 28%, with the highest rates occurring in Turkey where approximately half of all children born are delivered by caesarean section.

Around the globe, cesarean section rates have increased dramatically; see the chart & read more in Forbes

Posted by OECD on Laugardagur, 16. janúar 2016

The lowest rates are among the Northern European countries and Iceland ranks lowest of all with just 15.2 c-sections for every 100 live births.

The rise has been contributed to a number of factors including technological advances, an increase in multiple births through assisted reproduction, as well as more births among older women. Not mentioning that more women are choosing to have c-sections themselves as opposed to giving birth naturally.

The United States and Australia also have higher caesarean rates than average, 32.5 and 32.1 per 100 live births respectively.

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