From Iceland — Police Get Break In Swastika-Emblazoned Drugs Case

Police Get Break In Swastika-Emblazoned Drugs Case

Published January 17, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Pöllö/Wikimedia Commons

Months after first appearing, police stumbled into a new lead in the case of the dangerous swastika-stamped tablets that have put people in the hospital.

According to a statement from police, RÚV reports, earlier this week police in Suðurnes pulled someone over suspected of driving under the influence. This set off a chain of events that would lead to a break in a case that first made headlines last November: swastika-emblazoned tablets, containing MDMA or LSD, that have sent a number of people into an uncontrollable state and gotten them a trip to the emergency room.

Upon testing, the driver was found to have recently taken methamphetamine and cannabis. A passenger in the car was also searched, and found to have a considerable quantity of marijuana in his pockets. Furthermore, running the plates on the car revealed that they had been stolen.

This prompted police to search the home of the driver. There, they found many of the aforementioned tablets, a “white powder” in jars and plastic bags, and what appeared to be steroids. There was also equipment on the premises that indicated the location was used to package and sell drugs. The driver admitted owning the material, as well as to have stolen the plates off of another car.

Whether police have inadvertently found the person responsible for manufacturing the swastika tablets is unknown, but the suspect’s level of involvement in drug distribution may have taken police one step closer to the source.

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