From Iceland — Americans On Pinterest Sure Love Iceland

Americans On Pinterest Sure Love Iceland

Published December 15, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
IcelandicKnitsbyAnna / Etsy

Wow, Iceland is just getting trendier and trendier, you guys.

In 2015, the top three things Americans pinned on their various Pinterest boards was Harry Potter stuff (duh), pictures of some kind of hairstyle called “The Lob” and all things Iceland.

In a blog by Pinterest’s Lulu Cheng, the top searches in countries around the world were revealed and they were pretty much as twee as you imagine.

Things like Glamping, Boho Weddings, Detox Water and Small Tattoos were popular in several countries but props go to the United Kingdom, whose top “pin search” was Pork Pie Recipes.

After a kind-of-thorough search of the kinds of pins that come up when you search Iceland, the Grapevine would like to share some that may be worth looking at. You can judge for yourself.

Cat wearing a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa

Icelandic cat at one with art #LifeGoals

The Icelandic language and cats.

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