From Iceland — Only Two Parties With Double-Digit Levels Of Support

Only Two Parties With Double-Digit Levels Of Support

Published November 12, 2015

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Anna Andersen

Only two parties in the latest Fréttablaðið poll have levels of support above 10%, but elections are still about 18 months away.

Vísir reports that the Pirate Party is, once again, the party with the highest level of support, amongst those reached for a poll conducted by Fréttablaðið. The party has been at the top for the past six months now, and is currently at 36.3%.

The Pirate Party’s closest competitor is the Independence Party, who are now at 29.3%. They and the Pirate Party are the only two parties to break the 10% mark in this latest poll.

The Progressive Party – which leads the government in partnership with the Independence Party – comes very close, at 9.9%. This is also the same level of support lent to the Left-Greens. At the same time, the Social Democrats are now at 8.2%, and Bright Future are at 2.9%. As such, if elections were held today, they would not win a seat in parliament.

However, elections are not being held today. Barring a collapse of government or some other emergency, Icelanders will vote in parliamentary elections again in May 2017.

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