From Iceland — Café Offers Edible Lava, Sorta

Café Offers Edible Lava, Sorta

Published November 12, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Johanne Schmith

A café in the Westfjords now has “lava” on the menu, or a very believable facsimile thereof.

RÚV reports that the café in question, Bræðraborg, is now offering to let people enjoy chunks of “lava” to eat. The lava in question does not resemble the glowing red liquid magma type, but rather, the grey, bubbly rocks so commonly found all around Iceland.

Steff Hilty, the chef behind the lava, says the lava has come as a pleasant surprise to Ísafjörður locals and tourists alike. Tourists can also safely take chunks of the lava home with them, with the peace of mind knowing that carrying them onto a plane does not violate Icelandic law’s regulations against exporting soil.

While Steff would not disclose the recipe for reporters, a Facebook post showing the chef with her creation discloses that they are in fact “licorice lava chunks”.

Grey licorice is hugely popular in Iceland, and available in abundance. How the chef turned licorice into very lava-like creations is still unknown, and will likely remain that way for the time being.

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