From Iceland — Court Decides: Bull Terriers Unwelcome In Iceland

Court Decides: Bull Terriers Unwelcome In Iceland

Published November 2, 2015

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Lilly M/Wikimedia Commons

Reykjavík District Court has delivered their final ruling on an English Bull Terrier who hoped to move to Iceland: no entry.

According to the ruling, the dog in question, Cream, belongs to an Icelandic family who lived in Norway for some time before deciding to move back to Iceland in 2004. They had wanted to bring Cream with them, but this particular breed is banned in Iceland.

In order to rectify this, they appealed to the Icelandic Food And Veterinary Authority (MAST) and the Icelandic government to grant them an exemption from the law. This appeal was rejected on the grounds that bull terriers have been historically used in bear baiting and bull baiting.

The family objected on the grounds that their emotional ties to Cream is “on par with a traditional family connection”. The matter subsequently went to court.

The Reykjavík District court ruled today that Cream’s denial of entry would stand. The court reasoned that neither MAST nor the Icelandic government have the authority to disregard the law. As such, Cream – and all other bull terriers – are banned from moving to Iceland.

For the record, English bull terriers are not the only dog breed banned in Iceland. It is also illegal to import Pit Bull Terriers, Fila Brasileiros, Toso Inus, Dogo Argentinos and dogs crossbred with wolves.

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