From Iceland — The Pink Street Boy's Guide To Getting Shitfaced In Reykjavík

The Pink Street Boy’s Guide To Getting Shitfaced In Reykjavík

Published October 31, 2015

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Getting drunk is great. I, for one, love getting drunk. In fact, I’m drunk right now. Whatever. Here are five places you can get hammered at in Reykjavík. Stop reading. Go get hammered.


1. Dillon
Dillon is a good bar to start the night. The staff is nice, and it offers the best chance to get laid, if you like dancing to “Highway to Hell.”

Húrra -Matthew Eisman

2. Húrra

Húrra is probably the most hip place, with the best bar staff and the best beer on tap. It gets a little too crowded on weekends. Also, there’s no chance you’ll get laid there. Unless you get some, like, dance lessons before going on the hunt.


3. Paloma
This is the place everyone goes when all the other places are closed. They employ some good people, and maintain a dark atmosphere. If the Russian Mafia wanted to hang out somewhere in Reykjavík, they’d probably go for Paloma’s basement.


4. Ölsmiðjan
Ölsmiðjan has the cheapest beer and the best music (lotsa Motown and old-skool pop hits). There’s no dance floor though. Yeah, it’s a good place to start the evening.

Bar 11

5. Bar 11
The dirtiest rock bar in town. It would be nice if they occasionally played some real rock music, though. But there are lots of rock chicks around. It’s a good place to get laid.

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