From Iceland — Jotun: An Impressive Norse Game With Icelandic Voice Acting

Jotun: An Impressive Norse Game With Icelandic Voice Acting

Published October 20, 2015

Gabríel Benjamin
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Provided by Thunder Lotus Games

There’s a new action-exploration video game out that our readers might be interested in for two reasons: it’s based on Norse mythology, and all the voice acting is in Icelandic.

The premise of the game is that your character, Thora, dies an inglorious death, drowning out at sea instead of dying by the sword. Bereft of the chance to enter Valhalla, the warrior is given a second chance by Odin himself. Her quest is to travel through nine different worlds, collecting runes to summon and defeat five elemental Jotun (giants).

The game has numerous strong elements, with stunning hand-drawn visuals that give the game an organic and wholesome feel, a harsh but fair difficulty curve, and a powerful soundtrack that puts the awe in awesome. To an Icelander, the dialogue also sounds aptly old, with the voices sounding like they’re straight out of When The Raven Flies.

We’re currently three hours into the game and have defeated as many Jotun so far. Our first impressions are very favourable; expect a full and detailed review once we’ve completed the game.

Seriously, those visuals…

Jotun was created by the Canadian studio Thunder Lotus Games and released on September 29 on Steam.

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