From Iceland — Icelandic Kid Restoring Old Tractor Because He's Awesome

Icelandic Kid Restoring Old Tractor Because He’s Awesome

Published October 20, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Vilberg Víðir Helgason is barely 14 years old, and he’s already more enterprising and cool than you.

This is because Vilberg has just used the money he received for his confirmation to buy a 60 year-old grey Ferguson tractor, which he plans to restore over the next 5 years, reports RÚV.

“Well I was surfing a Facebook group for tractor enthusiasts and I saw that someone was advertising this old 1954 grey Ferguson,” said Vilberg. “And ever since I first got into this, I’ve always wanted to own my own tractor. I just think it’s exciting [to own a tractor] and it’s fun.”

When asked whether his peers share his enthusiasm for tractor restoration, Vilberg admits that no, to the extent of his knowledge no one else his age shares his love for farm life and tractors. Most of his peers seem to prefer video games and animals.

And Vilberg knows what he’s talking about. When the journalist interviewing him tried to trip him up by asking why he chose a busted up old Ferguson when he could have had a green Farmall, Vilberg threw her some shade and schooled her.

“Why didn’t I get a green Farmall?” Vilberg laughs. “To my knowledge they don’t come in green, that’s John Deere, Farmalls come in red.” He then added that he enjoys the look of the classic grey Ferguson.

Vilberg’s parents have come to accept that their garage is taken up largely by a rusty 60 year-old piece of farm equipment and Vilberg uses the majority of his free time fixing it up, working towards his dream of becoming a farmer.

You can watch the interview with Vilberg (in Icelandic) here.

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