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Police Save The Lives Of Three Cats – VIDEO

Published October 12, 2015

Photos by
Sjónvarp Víkurfrétta

Police rescued three cats from a fire this morning, saving their lives with the help of oxygen masks.

Víkurfréttir reports that police responded to the scene of a fire in Reykjanesbær this morning, discovering a ground-floor apartment with smoke pouring from the windows. Apart from firefighters, a crowd of bystanders were also witness to the blaze.

While the mother and daughter who lived in the apartment escaped, police were informed that three cats were still inside. They were found on the bedroom floor in serious condition due to smoke inhalation, and brought out of the apartment. Police put oxygen masks on the cats and massaged them, in the hopes of getting them breathing well again.

The landlord reportedly drove one of the cats to a veterinarian, while police drove the other two to an animal hospital. All three cats have suffered from smoke inhalation and are in oxygen tents, but are still alive.

Below, you can see a video showing parts of the rescue of the cats (in Icelandic, but the language of cat love is universal).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElOVCMmfri4&w=560&h=315]
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