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Bárðabunga No Longer At “Danger Level”

Published June 1, 2015

Photos by
Axel Sigurðarson

The geological activity at Bárðabunga has been taken down a level, from “dangerous” to “uncertain”.

According to a statement from Civil Protection in Iceland, the number of quakes in the area have diminished enough to warrant reducing the level of alarm around the region. Both national and local police authorities have been made aware of the decision.

What the “uncertain” level effectively means is that the area is no longer an immediate threat, but a close watch will be kept for scenarios in which the safety of people, buildings or the environment could be threatened.

In real life terms, the levels of sulphur dioxide around the Holuhraun area have fallen below dangerous levels, and roadblocks have been lifted. However, access to the lava itself is still restricted.

Travellers hoping to visit the area are encouraged to check with local authorities first, to be absolutely certain they will not be entering a place that is restricted or could be dangerous to their healthy and safety.

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