From Iceland — Icelandic Gender Studies Seminar Trends On Twitter, Brings Harsh Truths

Icelandic Gender Studies Seminar Trends On Twitter, Brings Harsh Truths

Published April 16, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Yesterday, a junior college gender studies students’ convention at Menntaskólinn í Kópavogi, a hashtag borne out of a seminar on sexism ended up trending on Twitter, reports Vísir.

“I was really lucky to be a part of it,” said journalist María Lilja Þrastardóttir who lead the seminar with teenagers from a number junior colleges across the country. “Instead of a traditional speech or seminar we decided to try and create something that could continue and live outside the seminar.”

What they created was the hashtag #6dagsleikinn and student attendees were then encouraged to use the hashtag and Twitter’s 140 characters to share experiences in which they have been subjected to sexism.

“The idea came up and after a democratic election [the kids] decided on #6dagsleikinn. It’s comparable to the EveryDaySexism project made popular abroad,” said María Lilja.

Since yesterday the hashtag has taken off in Iceland, social media users young and old, men and women have taken to using it to share their stories, tragicomic and just plain tragic.

Of course, we’ve collected and translated few for your perusal.

Embla Hulds tweets, “‘Wouldn’t you like to shoot a porno with me?’ – Taxi Driver driving me home #6dagsleikinn”

Arnar Ingi Ingason tweets, “When boys say girls should leave something to the imagination #6dagsleikinn.”

Hildur Kristín tweets, “What do you do at QuizUp, answer the phones? #6dagsleikinn”

Stefán Gunnar tweets, “My little nephew was late to football practice because ballet class ran late and the coach asked if he was a fag. He quit ballet. #6dagsleikinn”

Alma Ágústsdóttir tweets, “If I don’t laugh at a rape joke I’m just frigid, but if I explain why I don’t think it’s funny I’m a feminist cunt. #6dagsleikinn”

Birgir Þór Björnsson tweets, “Being called “whipped” or a girlfriend-fag just because you want to chill with your girlfriend rather than your friends and/or partying #6dagsleikinn”

Sunna Ben tweets, “When I’m out alone late I without fail have keys between my fingers, 112 already punched in and my finger ready for action #6dagsleikinn”

Róbert Ingi tweets, “Because I’m a legend for sleeping with a girl who’s a slut for sleeping with me. #6dagsleikinn”

Hrafnhildur Agnars tweets, “Because there are fucking women’s chess tournaments and men’s chess tournaments! #6dagsleikinn”

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