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Iceland’s QuizUp Hits Chinese Market As WeQuiz

Published April 16, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Icelandic app developers Plain Vanilla Games, creators of Quizup, have teamed up with China’s Tencent to create WeQuiz for the Chinese market, reports Venture Beat.

Even though WeQuiz and QuizUp are essentially the same game, WeQuiz has a few added features and given that WeQuiz is already the top free app on the Chinese iOS store it’s clearly worked.

WeQuiz has more focus on player progression and has ditched the clean minimalist European look for a more cartoony style – better suited to the Chinese market.

But the biggest difference between WeQuiz and QuizUp comes in the form of usable items that players can use to sabotage their opponent.

For example, a player can have a store of tomatoes that they can throw at their competition to temporarily block their screen, a strategic decision no doubt as competitive-style apps are popular in China.

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