From Iceland — Free Music: Singapore Sling's "Absolute Garbage"

Free Music: Singapore Sling’s “Absolute Garbage”

Published February 6, 2015

Late last year, Singapore Sling dropped a mother of an album—after such a long wait! Yup, Iceland’s Only Rock Band™ is finally back and active. The album is called ‘Tower Of Foronicity’. No guesses as to what exactly “foronicity” means, but it must be pretty awful, since it’s hard to construe the album as anything but a beautiful, prolonged ode to hate—where self-pity pulls its shit together, stops feeling sorry for itself and crushes the world through the power of sheer evil and contempt.

You might assume hating and dancing at the same time would be a difficult task. But, ‘Tower Of Foronicity’ hates, and it dances. At the same time. For well over 40 minutes. It is the sound of being repeatedly stripped of all faith in your surroundings and those who would shape them—the sound of laughing contempt overtaking that last smidgeon of hope. Liberating scorn. Creative destruction. And, it dances.

It is a wonderful tune, full of leering, cheerful evil. The lyrics go on about how everyone in Iceland is an idiot. Or, that’s one way to interpret them. And who are we to argue?

Don’t despair. Engage in creative destruction. Listen to Singapore Sling. Hate.

Download it here. (right-click, and download)

PS GUESS WHAT! Singapore Sling will be playing Húrra! Grapevine on March 7. Watch this space for more details!


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