From Iceland — Icelandic Trans Woman Facing Job Discrimination

Icelandic Trans Woman Facing Job Discrimination

Published December 23, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Jó­hanna Erna Guðrún­ar­dótt­ir

Jó­hanna Erna Guðrún­ar­dótt­ir has been struggling to gain employment since coming out as transgendered, reports MBL.

“Like most minorities in our society [I face discrimination],” said Jóhanna Erna, 18. “But you just try not to let it get to you.”

While she might try not to let it get to her, trans discrimination is getting in the way of her earning a living.

“I can’t get a job anywhere, because of my appearance,” Jóhanna Erna said. “For example I applied for a job at KFC recently. They were looking for staff so I applied. I sent them my CV and everything pointed to me getting the job. Then they asked for a photograph, which I sent. Then they wrote me back to say that I had sent the wrong picture. When I replied to say no, that it was the right picture, I got a reply saying they no longer needed any new staff members.”

Despite knowing her gender did not match her assigned sex, Jóhanna only recently came out but described the experience as shedding a heavy weight off her shoulders.

“It’s not been long since I made this public but my life has changed for the better since,” said Jóhanna Erna. “I was quite afraid, not of my family or friends, but then I have a strong support network. I was more afraid of how society would take it, take me.”

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