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Ice Cave Construction Underway

Published November 23, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Ice Cave Iceland Facebook Page

A 500 metre long ice cave is currently being tunnelled into Iceland’s Langjökull glacier. So far the crew have dug the cave’s entrance, roughly 200 metres into the glacier and are experimenting with how to light the tunnel.

Plans are to turn the cave into a tourist destination where visitors can learn about glacial formations and potentially, even get married.

“In the tunnel there’ll be a room,” said Sigurður Skarphéðinsson, CEO of the Ice Cave Iceland project. “We like to call it the multipurpose room and there, in cooperation with others, we’ll be able to offer people the chance to get married. But there won’t be a cross in the room or anything, like in the demo video.”

The ice cave is expected to open in June 2015.

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