From Iceland — Head To Toe Arsenal Gear, Except At Funerals

Head To Toe Arsenal Gear, Except At Funerals

Published November 22, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Vikudagur - Þröstur Ernir

Hardcore Icelandic Arsenal fan, Sigfríð Ingólfsdóttir, only ever wears Arsenal gear or Arsenal themed clothing, reports Vikudagur, except when she has to attend funerals.

Sigfríð, 62, began following English football 30 years ago and first started supporting Arsenal after thinking the name of the team was pretty neat.

She has since become one of Arsenal’s most dedicated fans in Iceland, has an “Arsenal Room” in her home, and is regularly stopped to discuss games.

“I get stopped out on the street, people like to talk to me about Arsenal and football in general,” said Sigfríð. “Some of them are on their way to Brynja for ice cream and wonder about the Arsenal sticker in my window as they pass, so they knock on my door for a chat. And of course to inspect the Arsenal room. I had some Englishmen stop by the other day. A Gunner fan who’d heard of me. I showed him the room and he was so impressed he gave me his hat.”

Sigfríð is an honourary member of Iceland’s Arsenal Fan Club and regularly goes to games with her son. She watches several football matches each week though the Arsenal games can fray her nerves.

“I become a nervous wreck when the team plays,” said Sigfríð. “Sometimes I can’t even sit through the whole thing. So, I’ll move to another room while my husband and the boy follow the Arsenal game. Then I just hear the screams if my team scores.”

Sigfríð has taken to going out for long walks before each match to make sure she’s calm enough to watch them and admits it can take her a long time to get over losses. “Especially if some referee idiot makes a bad call like in the UEFA Champions League,” Sigfríð explained.

But overall, Sigfríð says she’s usually alright in time for work after the weekend but if Arsenal wins she’s in a considerably better mood throughout the week – made even finer if Liverpool or Manchester United lose.

But what about Christmas, does she wear her Arsenal gear during Christmas Dinner?

“I choose not to answer that question,” said Sigfríð.

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