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Residents Object To Home For Disabled In Their Neighbourhood

Published September 25, 2014

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Some residents of the Laugarás area of Reykjavík object to plans to build a six-person home for the disabled in their neighbourhood.

Vísir reports that the Environmental and Planning Committee for the City of Reykjavík has approved a plot for a group home for the disabled. The proposed house would be approximately 600 m2 and be occupied by six new residents, all of them with multiple disabilities.

However, a group of residents who live near the proposed site of the home for the disabled have opposed the decision, and have sent a letter to the City of Reykjavík listing their objections.

“The proposed changes will in all likelihood depreciate the value of our properties,” wrote one resident.

Many also expressed concerns that the house would necessitate a large parking space, and that an office has no place in a residential area (NB: the group home would not be an office; it would be a residential house).

Those who added their name to the letter of protest have promised that they would take the matter to court if the city ultimately goes forward with the project.

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