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Icelandic Drug Market On Facebook

Published September 3, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
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The Icelandic drug market has made a move to social media.

“Really well cut and good coke for the weekend,” one Facebook ad boasts. “You’ll feel it on the first line and won’t need another bump after 15 minutes – 15.000 ISK. Don’t buy coke off any old person, make sure you taste it first.”

According to Vísir, drugs, pharmaceuticals and steroids are readily available and advertised through Facebook and other online mediums.

“Far more people have access to [drugs through social media],” said Detective Chief Superintendent Friðrik Smári Björgvinsson. “A sign of changing times and a new reality. The police have as always, according to the law 88/2008 on the handling of criminal cases, a variety of resources to investigate cases of this nature. It is difficult to state conclusively the volume of drug sales on networking sites. We have established that the scope of sales on these pages is not high but on the other hand the number of these “sales pages” has been growing in recent months.”

Friðrik Smári confirmed that the police has assigned resources to deal with drug sales via Facebook and other networking sites and has been investigating cases.

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