From Iceland — Panda Slowly Recovering

Panda Slowly Recovering

Published August 8, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Vífill Garðarson

Panda the cat- who was shot in the chest with a powerful air rifle last month and was on the verge of death- has survived and is getting better, reports Vísir.

News that Panda had been shot shocked Icelanders and his owners believed he would most likely be put down as he struggled to eat following his injury.

“We had to force food down his throat at first,” said owner Vífill Garðarson. “But Panda started accepting food once he realised that resistance was futile.”

According to Vífill, Panda has gained the weight he lost after the shooting and is improving every day.

The air rifle bullet is still lodged in Panda’s chest however, just under the heart and between his lungs. To avoid doing further damage the vet did not recommend removing it. As the bullet is made of steel Vífill does not expect it to cause any further trouble though they will monitor Panda to see if it bothers him. 

The person who shot Panda has still not been found and Vífill doubts that anyone will ever come forward. 

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