Icelander Takes Part In Mongol Derby

Icelander Takes Part In Mongol Derby

Published August 6, 2014

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Aníta Margrét Aradóttir is the first Icelander to take part in what has been called the most dangerous race in the world, the Mongol Derby.

Vísir reports that Aníta has her work cut out for her. Competitors ride Mongolian horses that are described as “barely tamed” over a route stretched 1,000 kilometres. Horses are changed every 40 kilometres, for the horses’ sakes, and competitors sleep outdoors over the course of the race.

“I’m excited, and I know I’m taking a dangerous journey,” Aníta told reporters. “But I intend to have fun and try to finish the race.”

Aníta is not just taking part in the race for her own sake, though. A part of her participation is to raise money for a children’s hospital fund in Mongolia, as well as for Cool Earth, an organisation working to stop the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.

The Mongol Derby is held every year and, despite the risks entailed, professionals and amateurs alike are welcome to participate. The route the race takes is supposedly a re-creation of the postal system created by Genghis Khan.

Readers who want to donate to Aníta’s cause (and who have an Icelandic bank account) can transfer donations to bank account number 515-04-253774 to support the children’s hospital and 515-04-253778 to support Cool Earth. The kennitala for both accounts is the same, 200282-3619.

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