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Wants To Ban Smoking In Kópavogur

Published April 29, 2014

Photos by
Ogkelt - Wikimedia Commons

A proposal to ban smoking in public areas in Kópavogur is now before town council.

MBL reports that Ómar Stefánsson, Kópavogur town councilperson for the Progressive Party and the man behind the proposal, says the matter is a question of “justice for non-smokers.”

“With this proposal, the emphasis will simply be that smoking is banned in Kópavogur,” he told reporters. “If you’re standing at the bus stop, and someone next to you lights up, it will be possible to point out to them that smoking is banned, so they could then put out their cigarette.”

Ómar says the smoking ban would, if passed, not necessarily mean having to increase police resources to enforce it. Rather, the law will be “a weapon in the hands of non-smokers”, adding, “You have the right to breathe fresh air.”

At the same time, Ómar says that he is uncertain whether the proposal will be changed or even passed. “I think it could be that there are too many people on town council who smoke,” he said jokingly.

The proposal is expected to be taken up for a second round of discussions on May 8.

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