From Iceland — Friends Surf Iceland's Waters

Friends Surf Iceland’s Waters

Published April 22, 2014

Photo by
Alísa Ugla Kalyanova

As a part of a commercial for Jagermeister, a group of friends travelled to Iceland to be filmed surfing in Iceland’s waters.

The Daily Mail reports that apart from surfing waves off Iceland’s shores, the friends also braved swimming amongst icebergs. By all accounts they had a great time, too.

“We had a van, five close mates and a blank canvas to find the best waves in some pretty spectacular surroundings!,” said Professional surfer Ben Skinner. “We’ve all been to some exotic and far flung places together to catch the surf but this has to be up there as one of the most interesting places to explore. The memories will definitely stay with us for years to come – it’s not often you find yourself swimming with your mates between icebergs and snow drifts just to catch a wave!”

Below you can see some video shots of their exploits. We recommend watching it while properly bundled up.


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