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Tried To Sell A Tank

Published April 15, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
Tank by SDASM Archives

A number of people showed interest in buying a tank that was advertised in a forum on Icelandic website, reports RÚV.

The ad says the vintage military tank was used by the Americans in
Tunisia during WWII. After which it was placed in a war museum in North
Dakota until 1982 when it was purchased and imported into Iceland by a
private owner. The ad also claims the tank is in storage in Hafnafjörður, a town just south of Reykjavík.

The site’s monitor, Guðjón R. told RÚV that the advertisement was either a mistake or a prank and that the “joker” who placed the ad had been banned from

“He clearly logged in with the sole purpose of being clever and he managed to pull it off alright. He logged in from a Norwegian IP address,” said Guðjón. “Whether he lives there or just signed in through a VPN service it’s pretty clear that there will be no tank in the next Kitchenware Revolution.”

It remains unclear whether anyone in Hafnafjörður actually owns a tank.

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