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EFTA Inspection Exposes Serious Shortcomings

Published April 3, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Bolan Poultry Farm

An EFTA report has uncovered “serious shortcomings” at Icelandic poultry farms, especially in the  slaughtering of poultry, reports RÚV.

The purpose of the EFTA inspection was to verify that official controls related to poultry meat and products thereof were carried out in compliance with EEA legislation.

While all the necessary legislation had been transposed into Icelandic law, upon visiting three of Iceland’s five poultry farms EFTA found insufficient maintenance, inadequate procedures for cleaning and disinfection and unclear separation of clean and unclean areas on the farms.

Additionally the report states:

“Serious shortcomings were detected in post-mortem and ante-mortem controls, that were carried out by insufficiently trained slaughter house staff and, in addition, without the presence and supervision from an official veterinarian.”

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