From Iceland — 500 Tonnes Of Chicken Shit

500 Tonnes Of Chicken Shit

Published March 13, 2014

Norðurá riverbank in Mosfellsdalur, just outside of Reykjavík, is currently home to a 500 tonne mound of chicken shit. There is worry the pile is polluting the river, reports DV.

The chicken droppings derive from Brúnegg egg farm and are currently located on a farmer’s property which includes part of Norðurá river. According to a report by the Board of Public Health the droppings are not fit to be used as manure. Upon closer inspection it was also determined that there was far too much feces for that particular plot of land, even if its intended purpose was manure.

The Board of Public Health has expressed concern that the chicken feces might have already polluted the Norðurá river and has concluded that the mound is a code violation.

Brúnegg however say that as the mound is located on the farmer’s land it is up to him where the shit is stored.

When DV visited the farm on the 5th of March the farmer had begun removing the pile of chicken droppings, but was simply transferring it to another location on the same plot of land.

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