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Man Seeks New Kidney On Facebook

Published March 12, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Kristján Kristjánsson

An Icelandic man is hoping that Facebook will help him find a new kidney, reports Vísir.

Kristján Kristjánsson was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy ten years ago and has been on a waiting list for a new kidney for the past two years.

“There’s no way to predict how much longer [I’ll be on the waiting list], could be another couple of years for that matter,” said Kristján.

IgA nephropathy hampers a kidney’s ability to filter waste and excess water from a person’s blood. This means that as Kristján waits for a new kidney he must undergo four-hour dialysis sessions, three times a week. His travel is restricted to accommodate his treatment and he must work remotely from a hospital bed for several hours each week.

“There’s no cleaning going on, my kidneys are only functioning at 5% capacity while they work at 100% capacity for a healthy person,” Kristján said.

The idea to go on Facebook to ask for a kidney came from a nurse Kristján knows and for those who are interested, he is looking for someone with an O Positive blood type.

Donating a kidney is not painless, Kristján explained and often is harder on the person giving than the one receiving.

“Am I hopeful? I haven’t thought about it, I had no idea that it would spread like this when I put it on my Facebook page,” Kristján said.

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