From Iceland — Vigdís "Very Controversial, And Proud Of It"

Vigdís “Very Controversial, And Proud Of It”

Published March 10, 2014

In a new interview in the magazine Monitor, Progressive MP Vigdís Hauksdóttir responds to a number of news stories that have concerned her lately. DV reports that Vigdís touched on a number of topics in the interview. Amongst them was the statement that Malta is not an independent country. Malta has, in fact, been an independent nation since 1964. Vigdís calls the remark “a mistake”, clarifying that what she meant was that Malta lost its independence when it joined the European Union. Independence Party MP Elín Hirst recently told parliament she believes Vigdís is the victim of “bullying” by her colleagues and the media. On this point, Vigdís disagrees, saying, “I don’t call it bullying if someone makes a personal attack against me. I am very controversial, and proud of it, as I think I am doing good things for the nation.” This position might surprise people familiar with Vigdís’ recent attempts to get a business to boycott a newspaper that said negative things about her. Vigdís says the condemnation she received from Journalists Union of Iceland is a double standard, saying, “In other words, people can attack me because of my position and I cannot defend myself. This is a silencing tactic against me as a person.”

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