From Iceland — Bursting Day Deal Cancelled At IKEA Due To Last Year's Vomiting Patrons

Bursting Day Deal Cancelled At IKEA Due To Last Year’s Vomiting Patrons

Published March 5, 2014

Ikea has discontinued their annual 2 ISK Sprengidagur (“Bursting Day”) offer of salted meat and pea soup because people were eating so much they made themselves sick, reports DV.

The meal deal, which IKEA had offered since 2009, plays on an old Icelandic colloquialism which goes “Salt kjöt og baunir, túkall” or “Salted Meat and Pea Soup, two krónur” by offering a bowl of salted meat and bean soup for 2 ISK.

This year, however, Ikea controversially raised their price up to 995 ISK citing overeating as one of the reasons.

“People ate too much, they got sick here and some would throw up. That ruins the mood. The increase in customers was also so extreme that we couldn’t keep the place clean,” said Ikea Director Þórarinn Ævarsson. “When people are so sloppy that they throw up and you barely have time to clean up or mop it before the next person sits down to eat, well that’s just not something we want to offer. [When it gets like that] it stops being fun.”

Despite many complaints about the rise in price people have not stopped visiting, “I had hoped that there would be a significant decrease [in visitors]. But there’s been a lot to do today,” said Þórarinn.

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